Individual Criteria

Individual Membership-Criteria

  1. Any individual can become a member of Indian Association of Open Schooling, provided they are associated with Open Schooling or a Learned Expert specialising in Education / Open Education / Non-formal Education.
  2. Must be over 18 years
  3. Must have experience in Open Schooling / Non-formal Education
  4. May have knowledge of Open Schooling / Non-formal Education
  5. Must be Interested to promote Open Schooling / Non-formal Education

Terms and Conditions

To withdraw from the membership, a member must notify IAOS in writing before December of the Calendar Year. An existing member who does not pay the renewal fees within 3 months of the subsequent year will have their membership status withdrawn and will be liable to pay the unpaid fees to reactivate the membership. IAOS reserves the right to remove from membership, the members who bring IAOS to disrepute without refund of membership already paid.

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