A Webinar is an online seminar conducted virtually from any location through internet connectivity. Indian Association of Open Schooling will conduct webinar from time-to-time as and when the need arises. The Webinar will focus on Open Schooling Activities and long term solutions for Open Schooling System. The date of Webinar will be intimated to members through e-mail. The members will have to register for the Webinar. Only those members who have registered previously can participate in the Webinar. Webinar greatly reduces the cost of conducting a meeting and the employees / members travelling a long distance. All the views expressed during the Webinar Session will be recorded for future use. The Webinar will be an interactive session where the audience can interact with the Speaker through internet connectivity. Webinar will host lecture or workshop that is transmitted over the web. Webinar will include Slide Show Presentations, Live or Streaming Videos, Recording of various talks. The main aim of Webinar is to reach the target audience in an easy and cost effective manner transcending physical boundaries.

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