Committee Members

As committee members, they will make decisions as a collective group and hold joint responsibility for decisions and actions taken by the management committee, even in their absence. They are responsible for ensuring that all decisions are taken in the best interests of IAOS and that their role is carried out effectively. Individual members shall demonstrate selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. The Committee Members will execute the tasks in Indian Association of Open Schooling. Each member is designated a position and are required to work according to the framework of norms of IAOS.   The role of committee members vary according to the size and nature of the task. However, all committee members are individually committing to:

  1. Upholding the values and objectives of the organisation
  2. Giving adequate time and energy to the duties of being a member; and
  3. Acting with integrity and avoiding or declaring personal conflicts of interest.
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