Vocational Education & Training


Globalization has become one of the crucial topics of discussion and concern in recent times, since it has a decisive impact upon our lives. Therefore, if we are to compete on the global stage and meet the globalization challenges successfully we need to make significant improvements in terms of maximizing the effectiveness of the vocational education and training instruction based on specific design of curricula. It is widely accepted that we live in a world where knowledge and technologies are renewed at an accelerating pace. To respond to the resulting updated requirements of economic trends and goals, our educational planning has to be shifted to new forms of instructional content and delivery. Consequently, globalization and the new emerging economic and social order demand new policies and strategies to educational processes. To this effect, the educational and training reforms have to be based on the market needs assessment identified by appropriate market research

In the modern times, it is felt that education should have its preparatory value to enable individuals to earn his livelihood or to make both ends meet in order to live happily and successfully. It is the economic self-sufficiency of a person which makes him a worthy and contributing citizen.

The advocates of this aim say that all the knowledge that the child has gained, all the culture the child has acquired in the school will be of no use, if he cannot make both ends meet as an adult member of the community. Therefore, education should aim at imparting knowledge, skill, and information to the pupils in order to make them self-reliant; not to be a drag or parasite upon others.

As such, vocational bias in education is absolutely necessary for enabling pupils to be productive members in the society.

Education with the vocational aim will prepare each individual for an occupation which will suit to his needs, abilities, interests and attitudes. Vocational aim of education is also superscripted as ‘Bread and Butter, aim’, ‘Blue Jacket Aim’ and ‘White collar Aim’. M. K. Gandhi says, “True education ought to be for the boys and girls a kind of insurance against unemployment”.

Vocational Training Department provides workforce training, education and other supports that result in industry-recognized credentials and competitive employment outcomes for persons served. This is achieved through continuous employer engagement. Vocational Training Programs are specifically designed to help students achieve successful careers. All instruction is competency-based and each program is updated regularly to ensure that it meets current business and industry needs. Faculty hold a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, with specialized skills in their subject matter

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